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(Living Palm) designed by Fine Artist Chloe Manasseh. 2018

Commissioned by Changi City Point Mall and Frasers Property, in association with ARTBEATZ.

Steel, Aluminium, Brass, 14 x 3 m

PALMA VIVA is synonymous with Changi City Point’s architectural design of a “garden within a city”. The symbiosis of Changi City Point and its surrounding communities resonates within the interactive elements of the art installation. A total of 181 gold leaves, created in collaboration with local participants in the Changi precinct, revolve around ‘PALMA VIVA’ to form an intricate DNA structure. Each gold leaf is a DNA strand, embedded with wisdom, precious moments, and stories hand-drawn and embossed by the community. The gold leaves carry an interconnectedness forever interwoven into the core of the sculpture. Inspired by botanical Peranakan patterns and Singapore’s tropical landscape, ‘PALMA VIVA’ evokes a sense of exotic escapism. The art installation reflects how imagination converges with physical space, echoing the roots and diversity of the community through a living sculptural intervention. Subtle lighting flowing through the art installation embodies the living element of ‘PALMA VIVA’, portraying how life is constantly refreshed and renewed. An interactive button onsite allows you to breathe new life into the art installation - creating the pulse of Singapore with an array of movement and colour! 

Below is a small excerpt from the 181 golden leaves created by the local community, and their stories behind them. (Full archive coming soon)