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The John Fawcett Foundation, a non-profit organisation that aims to eradicate curable blindness in economically-disadvantaged areas of Indonesia, partnered with Affordable Art Fair Singapore and TBWA Singapore to launch a new initiative called ‘Catarart’ at the Affordable Art Fair Singapore,  taking place November 17-19.  

The project asked me to create an artwork under the conditions of cataracts through the use of an augmented reality app that creates a ‘virtual cataracts’ experience.  The AR app uses a smartphone’s back-facing camera to reduce focus, colour saturation, light and depth perception – simulating cataract visual impairment.


In order to raise awareness for the treatment and suffering of bears in China and worldwide. 

can O water SG

Collaboration with CanOwater to create bespoke handpainted cans for my solo exhibition 'Palm Umbrellas' opening reception at NPE Gallery, Singapore 2017.

Please visit the link below to find out more about their substainable water cans!

ATELIER JI Fine Art Print Makers

An artist collaboration with Atelier Ji.

To see more from our print series or to buy a work please visit their website using the link below.


An art and design collaboration between Chloe Manasseh and menswear designer Elizabeth Vale, creating a dialogue between the masculine, the feminine, the object and the artwork. 

Please visit the link below to see our limited edition designs.